"Bad behavior stems from unmet needs."

- Unknown -

"Reconciling the erotic and the domestic is not a problem to solve but a paradox to manage."

- Esther Perel -

"What we resist, persists."

- Traditional -

"The power of a secret is that it wants to be told."

- Unknown -

"Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past."

- Lily Tomlin -

"I have never heard of nothing coming from hard work."

- Uzo Aduba -

"As long as you're wanting to be thinner, smarter, more enlightened, less uptight, or whatever it might be,
somehow you're always going to be approaching your problem with the very same logic that created it...
that you're not good enough."

- Pema Chodron -

"Intrinsic motivation for change arises in an accepting, empowering atmosphere that makes it safe for the person to explore the...present."

- William Miller & Stephen Rollnick -

"Anger is so often a byproduct of helplessness because your needs are not expressed...
You have a right to ask for what you want, even though you may not get it."

- Matthew McKay & Patrick Fanning -

"It is not difficult for a careful observer to see the evidence for unconscious processes in other people; it is harder to grasp the reality that we ourselves are inhabited and moved by forces beyond our access or control."

- Nancy McWilliams -

"People are more than the worst thing they have ever done in their lives."

- Sister Helen Prejean -

"The reason we're not often there for others...is that we're not there for ourselves."

- Pema Chodron -


Types of Therapy

Individual therapy – I am not currently accepting new clients. Referrals happily given upon request.

Family therapy – Families of all constellations are welcome, from nuclear to blended to polyamorous. 

Relationship Counseling – Relationships of all constellations and orientations welcome. 

Group therapy –  I am accepting new members in my Wednesday Process Group

Consultation and Supervision – I offer clinical supervision for social workers seeking an LCSW, an online training group, and individual consultation for mental health professionals.

Hybrid Model – In-person and tele-health appointments are both available. Clients may switch between mediums as life dictates. Please see my COVID Consent for In-Person Therapy for further details.


I specialize in building healthy relationships, group therapy, attachment styles, families, boundaries, gender identity, sexual orientation, and identity exploration of all kinds.

I love working with students, new mental health professionals, and anyone in a “professional helper” field.

I also have expertise in anxiety, social anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, self-harm, academics, Borderline Personality Disorder, grief/loss, career development, dissociative defenses, life transitions, parenthood, women’s issues, and men’s issues.

My Therapeutic Technique

I believe that people come into counseling with their own solutions. My job is to create a unique therapy for each individual to help them uncover and build upon strengths they already possess.

I seek to make the therapy room a safe & non-judgmental place for all emotional experiences, and a place to make peace with parts of ourselves that we fear and dislike. As clients build compassion for themselves, they find their compassion for others growing, and the strength to examine and change their lives for greater happiness and fulfillment.


I accept Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, cash, check, debit, and credit cards. You may also use HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flex Spending Account) funds to pay for therapy.

I am not in network with any insurance companies, but provide a superbill for reimbursement upon request.

Individual Session: $180 per 45 minute session.
Sliding fee scale available. Please ask for details if you have financial need.

Family & Relationships: $220 per 60 minute session.
Length and price of these sessions are negotiable depending on the needs of the family and number of people present in each session.

Consultation & Training: $200 per 60 minute session.
Length and cost of these services are tailored to the needs of each organization/individual. Special consideration given to new professionals, non-profits, and recent graduates. 

To schedule an appointment, ask questions, discuss fees, or setup a free phone consultation, call me at 512.529.3318.


We have moved to a new location! 6448 E Hwy 290 Suite E-102 Austin, TX 78723